Being Human has been associated with Akshara since June 2012. The Akshara school, Mumbai, is a not-for-profit school. The school’s motto is to focus on social inclusion for educational and economic growth and to level inequalities ingrained due to gender, caste, economic and religious discrimination. To make education affordable and accessible, the fee structure at the school has been kept to a basic minimum.

Being Human – The Salman Khan Foundation supports the school by funding the education of over 200 children.

Being Human has been associated with Aseema since June 2011. Aseema is a Mumbai based not-for-profit organization that provides holistic and relevant education to Mumbai’s most neglected children – children living on the streets, or in slums and in inhuman conditions. In partnership with the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM), they have taken on three municipal schools where children receive high quality education.

Being Human – The Salman Khan Foundation supports the secondary sections of two of their schools in Mumbai (that’s over 300 children in all).

In February 2013, Being Human together with Coca Cola and NIIT Foundation, helped build Career Development Centers in non-urban areas which aimed to provide training to the local, educated and underserved youth and through that training, enhance their employability. The training courses were designed to meet the entry level job requirements of the organized sector.

In August 2014, Being Human - The Salman Khan Foundation started educational resource centres in local Zilla Parishad primary schools to provide basic aids in Arithmatic,English, Marathi, Health & Social awareness to children from the local community, from grades one to four. Improved skills give them access to better learning tools which are otherwise available mostly to urban students. In the academic year 2016-2017 , 310 children from the local community have benefited from these classes. Currently we are running centres in Waje, Chiravli, Dhamini, Dehrang, Shivansai, Umbroli and Gadeshwar.

MPSM is a voluntary organization engaging in educational and developmental action for the upliftment of tribal and farming communities in Maharashtra since the last fifty years. Being Human supports MPSM’s arithmetic project which would provide skills in basic mathematics to four thousand children from these tribal communities between the age of five and twelve years living in hilly and remote areas of rural Maharashtra, who attend one of the 200 Learning Centers that use the educational supports of MPSM’s educational wing, in the districts of Nashik, Thane, Raigad, Dhule and Nandurbar.

Computer program
Being Human foundation supports the computer program at Maharashtra Prabodhan Seva Mandal, Nashik. In the campus there is hostel built for young tribal students who are either students in the neighboring colleges or are preparing for public competitive exams. Per batch around 180 students are part of this program, all belonging to the scheduled Tribe communities in villages spread over 6 talukas of Palghar, Nandurbar, Dhule, and Nashik districts the tribal students who have no access to information technology and other supports for learning are helped at this facility.

In January 2014, Being Human announced the Veer initiative together with The American India Foundation, Thums Up and CNN-IBN to bring the differently abled into the mainstream so the focus is on their abilities and not their disabilities. The initial target for this initiative is to train and help over 1000 people with disabilities gain employment.

As of March 2016, 2745 individuals have been trained and 1553 of these individuals have been provided employment.

Being Human has supported TIFLI International Festival of Theatre for Children and Young Audiences in 2016, Which hosted by ASSITEJ India in association with Akshara Foundation of Arts and Learning. Featuring 6 plays from France, Mexico and India, with total 17 shows and 9 workshops, this festival was witnessed by nearly 4000 children from NGOs and schools, teachers, volunteers and their families. The plays enthralled the children along with their accompanying adults. A first of its kind in Mumbai, TIFLI saw participation from 22 NGOs and 15 schools.

Inspired by the film ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’, Being Bajrangi was project in association with Rann Neeti Strategic Consultants, to identify lost children in Mumbai and reconnect them with their families. Every day, thousands of children go missing in different parts of India. Some runway from home in search of better life, others are sent to work, and many just lose their way and are separated from their parents. The conditions of these children once they leave their home is miserable. They are suddenly all alone, away from familiar sights and sounds of their home towns. They are vulnerable to abuse and are more often than not mistreated and exploited. Circumstances harden them and its not long before many lose their innocence and tread on dangerous paths. For those who end up in a new city or state the condition is even worse as they have no idea of the language and have no one to approach for help. Several organisations in Mumbai work hard everyday to identify these children at railway stations and public places in an effort to provide them with some basic security and protection. These children are then produced before the child welfare committees to search for NGO’s that are able to offer them shelter, food and some cases education. The team behind the Being Bajrangi initiative worked closely with some of the institutions involved in child welfare, to trace the families of some of these missing children. Funding was provided to families from across the country who came to Mumbai so that these children could be reunited with their parents and relatives. Today, 51 children have been reunited with their families and are now enrolled in schools and other projects in their home towns